Keith was born in Nova Scotia, Canada on November 2, 1976, then had to wait exactly seven years (lucky seven!) for his future bride to be born. In the meantime, Keith obtained a B.Sc with Honours in Psychology from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. When not working, Keith spends much of his time in the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars, Star Trek, and — especially — Doctor Who. Keith eagerly awaits committing full-time to learning Tagalog under the expert tutelage of his soon-to-be wife, whom he hopes will be tolerant of his inability to properly pronounce bangus.


Ces was born in Malabon, Philippines on November 2, 1983, seven years to the day after Keith. She obtained her degree in Political Science from Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Ces commits fully to whatever she puts her mind to with a ferocity that belies her diminutive 5’2” stature. When she is not participating in yet another social volunteer program, she is contemplating new investment opportunities and business-related ventures. Ces loves her parents and three siblings profoundly, and is a certified tita to six(!) nieces and nephews. A fanatic for Korean tv, she hopes to one day find a series that Keith will not make fun of.

The Proposal

He Says

The night before I planned to propose to Ces, I received a reminder of an appointment that I could not reschedule but fortunately that was a minor inconvenience I could easily work around. What I did not count on was Ces unwittingly throwing one obstacle after another in my way. After the appointment, Ces wanted to visit the Natural History Museum, which ended up taking 2 hours to finish. After that, she wanted to go to the skating oval so I made up a lame excuse about a lack of parking and having to walk long distances in the cold so I could get in to the proposal. She bought it, but soon after expressed a desire to go to KFC. Realizing I would have to turn around and further delay, I made up another lame excuse, saying I did not know where the nearest one was and that we’d have to go back to the apartment first. Ces was quiet for the rest of the trip. Luckily the trip was short as it had started to snow and I was speeding back to ensure I could propose while the snow was still falling.

Before arriving home, I turned up Kent Avenue — having cleverly made note of the park atop the hill when we were driving into the city that morning.

Ces wanted me to take pictures with her back to the camera. I thought, “Great! This means I can get the ring out and have her turn around to see it.” As I took pictures, I surveyed the pond for the best place in which to propose. I settled on the pointed end of the Heart-Shaped Pond, so I asked her to line up there for a shot with her back to me. After I finally got her in place, I got down on one knee and frantically fumbled to extricate the oversized box from my pocket while maintaining a pretence of technical difficulties with the camera. Amazingly she did not turn around before I got the ring out. My numb, frostbitten fingers pulled at the box clumsily, rotating it around like a Rubik’s Cube as I tried to determine where the hinge was to open it.

As I reached peak frustration, the box opened and I was finally in position with the ring held out, my knee planted on the cold ground.

“OK, got it,” I said. My heart was pounding. Any second now, she would turn around and I would finally get to say the lines I had been rehearsing in my head all day.

Then she walked off.

I frantically called her back, trying not to move out of position. When she finally turned around, I got a reaction I had not expected.

She asked, “What is that?”

I had the box turned the wrong way, with the ring facing me!

Now that I was flustered and the lines I had painstakingly rehearsed were scattered to the wind, I stumbled my way through an improvised litany of words that I had no chance of later recalling. However, there is definitely one thing I do recall: I had to ask her twice before she would actually answer the question! Spoiler Alert: She said yes.

With my fingers (and knee) frozen, we went back home to warm up the best way we could . . . by finding where the nearest KFC was and buying a couple boxes of fried chicken!

She Says

January 6, 2017: Twas one those lazy days when we have not planned any tour or visit. One appointment though of Keith was with his chriropractor at 9am (geezzz too early to wake up on a cold winter day). I actually asked him if I could stay at home and skip joining him. He insisted (unusual for him to do that) that I should come.

Before 9AM, we drove out. And while on the road, he mentioned that there's a park nearby his apartment that we should visit after chiropractor. At the back of my mind, I am too lazy to go out for that day coz I was programmed that we will be staying home the whole day. At about 10, we drove back to the apartment. Out of nowhere, while in the car, I thought of dropping by the Halifax museum which we have been holding off since my first visit. Keith said some other time (coz he has secret plans), but the usual me, insisted. And so I won! After museum, I saw the outdoor ice skating field. I asked Keith if we could try out skating. This time he refused. Haha. Reasoned out that it is too cold to be out, no parking, there is an upcoming storm, he don't know how to skate, etc. And so I did not insist but I must admit I was disappointed.

It was almost lunch time, I felt hungry. I told Keith if we could drop by KFC for lunch (coz I saw a KFC ad on the way). He told me we could eat lunch after visiting the park. I was disappointed the second time because I'm starving and he still wanted to see the park! I noticed Keith was a bit frustrated (perhaps because of the delays) but did not suspect that he is into something. I kept quite until we reach the heart-shaped pond park (coz I am "hangry) Almost 1pm, we reached the park. Flurries started to fall. It was beautiful. Since there's a storm forecast, nobody was at the park except us and a guy with his dog. At the park, I was in awe with the view. Trees covered with snow and the unique heart-shaped pond covered with ice. I immediately took out my phone and started to take pictures. Keith was watching me and I felt that he was a bit cold towards me. So I break the ice and told him to take pictures of me. I even told him to take a shot while I walk as if it was candid. And this is the part where the magical thing happened.

I started to walk and strike a pose for a back shot. I noticed that he was taking time. I was concerned...I was concerned if he was able to take my pictures. Haha! He then called me and asked me to turn around. I keep on saying "Are you done with the shots?". I think he repeated himself multiple times for me to turn around. And when I did, I stupidly asked, "what is that?". Keith was down on one knee holding a big black box with the ring on top. He was saying something as I approached him but to my surprise I couldn't recall any of it. I remembered I just said "Yes", hugged him and we kissed. Deep inside, I can't breathe, couldn't find the right words to say, couldn't believe it's real. OVERJOYED. I never thought that someone will propose to me. And in the most romantic way like Keith did. My man proposing to me witnessed by the heart-shaped pond and the beautiful trees, while flurries are falling. It was a dreamy moment.


We did not spend a lot of time at the park. Temperature started to drop and Keith felt cold. Maybe he was nervous. And so the same day, we ate out at KFC. That is how we celebrated our proposal day.

Can’t Wait!


“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE." - 1 Corinthians 13:13


“Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” - Colossians 3:13


“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” - Proverbs 18:24



The Boys

My Girls

The Kids


The ceremony will be held at the beachside of Subic Grand Seas Resort followed by reception in the Sun-Kissed Pavillion.

Subic Grand Seas Resort
83 National Highway, Barrio Barretto,
Olongapo City, Philippines

Travel and Accommodation


If you wish to stay overnight after the wedding, here are the nearby resorts:

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Attend the wedding and treat yourself for relaxation and recreation at the beach or head on to an adventure at the nearby tourist areas.

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Sandy toes, salty kisses
Please join us as we become
Mr & Mrs.

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Attire: beach formal ( Tip here )
He: summer suits, linens
She: floral/pastel color dresses

Contact Persons: Ces: 0947.509.0163
Raz: 0917. 326.0114
FB Event Page: Keith and Ces Wedding

"The most important gift to us is having you share in our special day.
But if you wish to contribute in some other way,
we would love a few pennies to put in our pot,
to begin a new life after tying the knot."